A Few Tips For Maximising Corporate Gift giveaway

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Feb 112016

Giving Corporate gifts to your customer is all about showing your appreciation and building relationships. There is so much about corporate gifting that many of us seem to take it for granted. Corporate gifts can be good for creating a lasting impression with clients and customers. According to research companies that give out corporate gifts are twice as likely to get contacted by clients and customers.


Here are a few tips on maximising corporate gifting.


  1. Conform to corporate policies.

Always find out about the gifting policies of both your own organisation and your client organisation. In some organisations individual gifts may not be encouraged and they may even give it off to charity! Also make sure your gifts are within the limits allowed by the client’s company policy. Under no circumstances should your gifts create a conflict of interest. Never offer expensive corporate gifts which make the person uncomfortable to receive your gift.


  1. Spread the happiness.

Whatever corporate gift you give put some thought into it. Think about what you or your contacts would like to get, and instead of gifting something mass produced, see if you can get something unique which will be used. To add more value to it, add a handwritten note with each one of them. A personal touch goes a long way when it comes to impressing your contacts. Also when a vendor wants to give gifts allow them to give something that can be used by everyone in the office.


  1. Gifting your own products or Services

Some companies may worry about the cost when it comes to corporate gifting. One way to get over this is to offer your own services or products. Give a free lesson, a free session or some kind of product(s) that you manufacture that would be useful in day to day life for your clients and customers. While cost is reduced, it still publicises your services and products.


  1. Corporate Gifts should always be useful.

Your gifts need not be expensive, but they have to be useful. A personalised sticky notepad or an umbrella or a mug is not expensive but will surely be used and will fulfil the purpose of marketing your product. Your gifts shouldn’t go to the exchange pile straight away. Avoid cheap quality and useless gifts. Listen to your intuitions, if you think the gift is cheesy then it is not worth giving it to others.


  1. Don’t overdo your promotion

The corporate gifts should market your company/product but don’t make it too obvious. The logo should be subtle and fashionable. Never make it in-your-face; the branding should be there, subtle enough but a constant reminder.


  1. Think different

Everyone sends a box of chocolates or cakes during holiday seasons. This is not only unhealthy but your gift is forgotten about once the chocolates are eaten. Don’t join the mad rush and do the same like others do. Do something to stand out. If you still want to gift a food item, send something healthy instead.


Make corporate gifting fun and get maximum value out of it.

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