Apr 032020

Product launch is an exciting time for the host company. While it is a given that you will want to make it as one of your most successful events to date, your focus must never dwindle from making it exciting for your guests with these fringe activities.

Create the right buzz

People in the showbiz will tell you that the ‘word of mouth’ advertising is the best form of advertisement. Therefore, make sure that you send out invites in time to make sure that you have a house full attendance. Create a Facebook page for the event and encourage people to tag their friends there. Put up simple contests, or hire external vendors to help you bring your event to another level as fringe activities. This will help to ensure that you keep the conversation on your product launch alive.  

For the actual product launch, you will need to plan really exciting fringe activities for the product launch. That will give your brand name good leverage in the market. Always remember that the success of your product is directly related to the success of your product launch party

Here are some of the best fringe activities for a product launch that will make it memorable. Plan in such a way that your product sees phenomenal sales in the first few days itself.

1. Choose a game that suits the venue of the launch

A spacious venue is a good place to play ‘Treasure Hunt’. You could group all the invitees randomly into teams of twos or threes. Give them a sheet of paper with the clues for the treasure hunt printed on it. The team that is the first to crack all the clues and unearth the treasure wins.

2. Consider the product experience as a prize

Since you want to spread the good word, give the winners an experience of your product itself. This helps in creating great memories of the product launch and it will keep you in the right kind of news for days to come. It is very important to consider what you want to offer as Corporate Gift, which will leave a deep impression of the product launch event.

3. Creating social media posts

You could encourage your guests to pose with the product background and use unique hashtags of your company to post their pictures and experience of the product on various social media platforms. In addition, promoting these fringe activities that has been supporting your main event. The post with maximum likes and comments within a stipulated time wins the bumper prize.  

Smaller Venue?

If it is a smaller venue with lesser people in attendance, say in the ballroom of a star hotel you could conduct a ‘quiz on your company and its products’. You could either make it into a written one where you supply each of your guests with a pre-printed quiz sheet and a pen or you could conduct it orally. The guest with the maximum correct answers can get a valuable prize and you could also have some consolation prizes for people who attempted but did not get all of them right.

Research points out the awards and prizes that have the product’s name printed on them helps better recall. Each time the winner reminisces his memories of the product launch, they are bound to recall your product’s brand name too.

4. Slogan contest

Another way to engage all your guests is to ask them to write a slogan for your product or your company. This creates a lot of enthusiasm for the young as well as the old. Fringe activities for product launches need have to be very expensive. You will see that with a little creativity you can make sure that your product launch function is a roaring success.


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